Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beware of Linguistic and Cultural Terrorism

Fourth Generation War is essentially a civilian (non-military) doctrine which is characterized by attack on ideology, culture and social values, small combat actions by non state actors, media and information warfare and psychological operations. In such warfare the media persons and journalists are purchased for propagating a set pattern of information and the target nation is broken into various segments on racial, sectarian and linguistic grounds. 

Recently, there has been an adaption of many Hindi words for which already alternatives in Urdu exist. But our writers and TV channels, mostly having loyalties and funding from India, prefer to use the Hindi words to express their linkages with India.

Herein under are some of the examples of many words being replaced:

ابتدا                  شروعات
تقریباٌ                     قریب
انتخاب                    چناو

کشیدگی                    تناو

نظر آتا ھے        دکھتا ھے
سوکن                    سوتن

خُدا  ۔  اللّٰہ تعَالٰی      اُپر والا

"پتنی کی ہتھیا کو آتما ہتھیا میں بدلنے والا چمتکاری پتی"

It is time now that we start to ponder over even minor things, which we otherwise tend to ignore, specially when it comes to copying words from Hindi and innocently incorporating into our daily usage. If this trend continues unabated and unchecked, I am afraid one day we would revert to Hindi rather than Urdu which was born to suit the Muslim rulers of India, and one day our children will be speaking more of Hindi and less of native languages.


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