Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Media Trial vs Media Ban

These days a very different game is being played around us. We are surrounded by our very own representatives with fake educational certificates and degrees. The media rightly so exposed the so called stiff neck elite to the public, who now know the actual worth of many. But the irony is that despite the fraudulent, and making false claims while submitting their papers for nomination, these representatives have taken up arms against the media and have even got a resolution passed from the assembly in this regard.

A few days ago, a chief minister of a province remarked that a degree is degree no matter original or fake. Can you beat it? If its being fake does not matter, then why have a degree at all? And if for the assembly one doesn’t need a degree, where sensitive subjects like legislation and security of the country are discussed, then why have a degree for a job?

This is a real heart burning issue – which makes me and many restless and wonder the future of the country which at present is in the hands of counterfeits.


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