Monday, July 12, 2010

October 2010 - the bombshell month

Be ready folks – a bombshell is in waiting. Under (no)pressure from the IMF or the World Bank, the GST is going to be imposed on some seventy plus items, the detail of which is quite interesting. I cannot list the details, as the bombshell list contains everything a common citizen requires. The imposition of this added tax has not even spared the holy books, which clearly shows on whose behest the tax is being levied. Here I quote yet another item: the diapers for the elderly. If unluckily, an elderly bed ridden patient is in your house, be warned to fill your basements with everything (including the diapers for the sick patient) you can to survive the first shock wave that is going to hit the country in a few months time.

The net effect of pay and pension increase for the government servants only would be totally nullified by October. As for others, who are dependent on the organizations for salary increase will be hit even harder as very many organizations did not reciprocate. Already there is an upward trend of suicides in the country due to poverty, lack of job opportunities and soaring prices of household commodities. One wonders what would become of the poor and very poor who have no door to knock at to alleviate their sufferings. And yet the budget 2010 was a people’s friendly budget. I only wonder how?


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