Friday, August 20, 2010

Iqbal tere des ka kia haal sunaoon..

A friend sent me this very thought provoking poem, and I thought I must share it with my viewers. Each verse sends shivers of bitterness and naked truth. This is what we are facing today – something our national poet Iqbal would have never ever dreamt of for he always thought of a country where there would be justice, tolerance and brotherhood. He dreamt of a country free of nepotism, hatred for fellow citizens and bigotry.

I wish I could translate into English, but it requires a lot of effort to do so since I won’t be able to do justice as the meaning and the pinch cannot be made to be felt through its translation. But all I can say is that Amir ul Islam Hashmi has truly reflected our society we live in today.


This is so situational and apt.

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