Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reaching the (almost)top of Pyramid

The photograph above depicts a journey of more than 35 years from cadetship (1975) to three stars (2010). For an entry of some 250 cadets, the pyramidal journey was arduous, strenuous, difficult and ever challenging. As the years went by, the pyramid started to take its conical shape and shedding away the stragglers behind at various ranks from majors to brigadiers. Only 13 climbed the ladder of 2-stars. While one of them lost his life to War on Terror (Major General Javed Sultan), of the remaining 12, four have made it to three stars yesterday. They still have few more steps to take. We wish them the very best of luck in their future pursuits and military career.

PS: Seen above are (L to R) Lieutenant Generals Tariq Khan (Sword of Honour), Agha Umer Farooq, Salim Nawaz and Zahir ul Islam


A very timely post Jalal. This is incredible. Please keep it up. You are always inspirational.It was lovely.
Zaffar Iqbal Durrani

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