Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honk slowly ….

A friend sent me an e-mail the other day with this million dollars photo. And it really is worth that price. The caption reads, “Honk slowly, this nation is asleep.” I commend the lady for having thought of this innovative caption to describe our present state of affairs.

We are passing through some of the most depressing times of our life. A country that was recently devastated by the floods, leaving millions homeless, has ministers asking for bullet proof cars costing millions. The many Vs IPs move in a motorcade of dozens of such cars. Even the police escorting the “dignitaries” also use priceless Mercedes Benz cars.

The top ministers and elected representatives do not pay income tax despite hefty salaries, but “urge” the poor tax payers to pay taxes in time for “efficient” working of the government. A country where assets of elected representative get multiplied every year, but no one is awake to ask them the whereabouts of the sudden increase in their holdings.

The black coats are being politicized by opposing forces in the biggest province of the country. People who should be upholding the law are seen battling with police with batons in their hands. A lawyer is seen cleaning his shoe with the cap of a police official. The office of the CJ is ransacked by this new political party. For some reasons, I wonder why the black coats only do such things in Punjab alone. Does this mean their ulterior mobilization is sponsored?

The price of LPG is raised time and again. Form Rs. 50, awhile ago, it has reached Rs. 95 a kg. LPG is used by the poor for domestic use and by the motor-rickshaws owned by the very poor. I saw many drivers of this public transport lamenting on TV that the ever increasing price of LPG is making them lose everyday vis-à-vis their day long labour and effort.

Everywhere there is mayhem – but no one speaks for they are asleep. So honk slowly my friend.


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