Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The runaway husbands

The Runaway Bride has been filmed by the Hollywood, but they probably have no soft corner for the husbands who run away from their wives – not permanently but for shorter periods of time for many good reasons. When husbands are employed and working, they come back in evenings, tired and retire soon without disturbing the home scene. Besides they are brining money home too that makes everyone happy.

But when a person retires, suddenly there is an unwanted person in the home, threatening the “queendom” of his wife. With no money coming in, there is a man lying down doing nothing while the wife continues with her same busy routine makes her disturbed. Not only that the man is doing nothing, he is poking his nose too much in the things that had been taken care of smoothly, effectively and without “outside” interference.

So the hostilities begin to start. The wife wants his unemployed husband to be employed as her helper – doing dusting for her so that she can relax too. Peel of fruits, cut onions, and do many other chores. For the unemployed man, this is disturbing too. He hasn’t done such things all his life (I am talking of our country where generally men work and women take care of the household). While he would carry on obediently for awhile, the “increasing work pressure” finally makes him a runaway husband.

I know a few retired men, who had opened an office, have it furnished and hired a person to keep it clean and serve them with tea or coffee when asked. So all these leave their houses as they would do when employed, properly dressed with neckties and suits or combination. Come to the “office”, have chit chat with each other, read newspapers, watch TV, discuss “national and international issues” and like. After 1-2 o’clock, they would bid farewell to the office and go home. They are happy and so are their wives.

A friend of mine has a 5-day a week job. But he is often found in his office on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays as well. Once I asked the why of his attendance of office on day offs. And he narrated the same reason that I have discussed above. This allows him to write posts for his blogs and even write paid posts to earn extra money as well. So his absence from home is not objected as he brings back additional money for the benefit of all.

So if you are retired, and are experiencing uneasiness, find someone with a “common interest” and be a runaway husband for a few hours a day – this will keep you and your spouse happy and hearty.


Nice post.

Personally speaking, I can relate to all this very well. I remember when, after hanging my helmet, I decided to freelance as a writer and blogger. I had set up work station at home and all that.

After a year, though I was paying my bills through my writing (also peeling potato and cutting lady fingers when I could), yet I was urged to go find a job. And to live 'peacefully' I had to.

Let me hasten to add that I love my time spent with family. They probably also like to spend time with me. Staying away (in office and or elsewhere out of home) gives breathing space to all. I think that is necessary. No?

Men, when retired from their jobs are sometimes a headache for their wives :P

but still I believe you are right, they should find something similar to do even after retirement. otherwise life is not easy for them.

This was superbly written amazing post very nice.
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