Monday, November 1, 2010

Bravo!! Abdul Razzaq

Well the jubilation by everyone who watched the match was just great last night between Pakistan and South Africa in Abu Dhabi. Many viewing the match on TV closed their sets and went to sleep after Shahid Afridi succumbed to South African bowling. No one could imagine that Pakistani team would be able to close on to the given target and even outclass the South Africans in the very last over. Well they weren’t very wrong in their assessment as seeing the abysmal performance of Pakistani team in the first ODI and the T20 matches, one could not even dream of aggressive come back from the Pakistani players.

The surprise came from that calm and expressionless Abdul Razzaq. And what a marvelous performance he gave that astounded not only the South Africans, but Pakistani team and the crowd as well. His third ODI hundred of 109 off 74 balls brought Pakistan to a stunning victory over South Africans. His score of 109 included ten sixes which were hit with extreme ferocity and precision that cheered the crowd and made them dance with excitement. The last over was simply superb. With 6 balls and 14 runs to score, it was a tense moment for everyone. But Razzaq was out there to show to the world the very best of him last night. He bagged the 14 runs with two mighty sixes and two runs.

Despite his stupendous performance, he still looked calm and expressionless as always. This reminds me of my favourite tennis player Bjorn Borg who showed no emotion or expressions when he would win the Wimbledons one after the other.

Best of luck AR, you made the difference and you deserve all the applause and commendation from everyone of us. Thank you for bringing smiles on our morose faces after series of defeats in the ongoing tour and the floods that hit us so badly recently.


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