Friday, November 19, 2010

Let there be light!!

Despite living in 21st century, we continue to live in darkness, not only on account of load shedding, but also because of our ignorance and lack of vision for the future. We are so engrossed into our daily rituals and day to day living, that we have lost sight of the greater goals and objectives. Ask anyone about tomorrow, and you will get a cynical look and reply too if you insist. Everyone looks dejected, gloomy, uncertain and undefined.

When I view our “leaders”, if at all there are any, my longing for light intensifies. No one has a clear vision as to how one sees Pakistan in a decade from now, that is the minimum one can expect. Every political leader seems to be focused on winning the next elections and ways and means to earn the coveted seat of government. That’s as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

We have a war within and very close without going on. No one seems to be pretty sure as to what is going to be our strategy related to affairs and future developments in Afghanistan. What would happen if the NATO suddenly decides to disengage? How will we tackle the situation on our western borders, and its fallout within us.

Our economy continues to be governed by IMF and the World Bank. Perhaps other than the finance minister, no one really knows what our economic and financial strategy is at present and why, and how really should it be. The debate on financial matters only revolves around the soaring prices of sugar and day to day perishable commodities. No one really understands the many hidden secrets behind the budget speeches made in the parliament and how to counter the bad links. Why electricity tariff is being raised, no one questions the logic or take on the finance minister with detailed homework, except lamenting the imposition of the increased tariff, perhaps only for the satisfaction of their vote bank.

Most of the so called literate continue to avoid any intellectual discussion on any aspect of our strategy, be it military, economic or fiscal. Perhaps many do not know what our national aim and objectives are, from where all subordinate strategies are derived. The discussions on many news channels on TV are inconclusive and have no follow up. And when the discussion reaches to a point where the participants should be spelling out their vision of the future and give out concrete recommendations, time runs out.

Everyone seems to be vying to score a point on the other, without even realizing that such games are for children, naïve and illiterates. The men of letter and substance sit together and instead of defending own party position; they all try to reach at a consensus to solve the issue at hand rather than telling the other to wait till the next elections.

The life of a common man that now includes the poorer, the poor and the middle class, continues to be difficult and harsh. Prices and tariffs continue to soar, poor continue to commit suicides, and unemployed commit robberies as there are no options, while the rich and famous continue to debate and discuss the future course of action for their election campaign and business deals.

While we are continuously being pushed backwards into dark ages like situations, optimists like me continue to pray: Let there be light!! To enlighten the vision of people who rein this country and those waiting for their turn, to give meaning to the thoughts of those who cry for the future of this country. Let there be followers who displease their masters for the sake of the future of this country rather than pleasing for shorter gains. Let the light befall on the people who could stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flatteries without winking.

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