Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mickey Mouse is 80 years today

I come from a generation which grew up watching cartoons of Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse. The cartoons today have become excessively digital and technology intensive, but in our days cartoons were cartoons. We watched and laughed, rather than getting puzzled and scared of what is shown today. But on the contrary, our children love watching these monstrous and technical cartoons and laugh at our innocence and simplicity to having been grown up watching Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse. Time changes and every generation looks at the older generation with sinister smile and perhaps vice a versa.

Returning to Mickey Mouse again – this rat turned hero of cartoons is perhaps the most adored and loved cartoon characters. Although even today it is as young and energetic as it was when it was conceived, he in fact is 80 years old today. Conceived on18th November 1928 by the famous Walt Disney when he appeared in a cartoon titled Steamboat Willie. Mickey was originally voiced by Walt Disney himself. Later Jim Macdonald replaced Walt Disney and is voiced today by Wayne Allwine. Mickey was created to replace an earlier cartoon character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Mickey is not only makes children giggle and laugh on TV, he also appears on a number of merchandise, T-shirts, comics and is also the Chief Greeter at the Disney theme parks. Mickey starred in over 120 cartoons and also starred in the Mickey Mouse Club, a TV show of the 50s. Today, despite being an “old rat” of eighty years, Mickey still rules the cartoon world.

Happy birthday Mickey!!


This character has managed to bring so many smiles on so many faces during last 80 years.

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