Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bravo Amir Khan!! For retaining the WBA title

The prosing young Pakistani-British boxer Amir Khan has successfully defended the light-welter weight title of the WBA by defeating Marcos Maidana of Argentina at Las Vegas. The match wasn’t all that easy as there were tougher and biting shots from his opponent, specially in the 10th round, almost costing him a KO. But he kept his wits about and earned a unanimous 114-111, 114-111, 113-112 decision to continue reigning the light welter weight category.

The close encounter could have turned the tide in anyone’s favour. Even Maidana was expecting the titile due to his superb performance and not giving in till the end. Those who witnessed the match live were keeping their fingers crossed as they were watching a superb and fierce resistance from both the opponents. A dejected Maidana later remarked, “I thought I won. I thought I did fight enough in the final rounds to win, but they gave it to him.”

I can well imagine the despair shown by Maidana. Having played boxing myself in my youth, I know what a close call is. I was too faced with a forceful opponent and we boxed on with utter ferocity and biting hits. We both expected to win, and I did while my opponent showed the same reservation and despair after it was over. And I tell you how wonderful is the feeling when the referee raises your hand, even when I was bleeding from nose and a torn lip. But at that time who cared about the injuries.

Anyway the judges had it all on their record and Amir Khan scored 45% of the punches (273 out of 603), while Maidana could only score mere 20% (156 out of 767). So that allowed Amir a victor with a clear margin. Bravo Amir then for a superb performance and we hope to watch you defending the title next time too.

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