Thursday, December 23, 2010

The same cratered face after the lunar eclipse

For the last so many days, there was nothing more exciting than the lunar eclipse that was to be seen on 21st of December. Sky gazers and lunar eclipse lovers all over the world waited for the moment anxiously and excitedly for the eclipse day. I have seen forums full of questions as the timings and areas where the eclipse would be seen. The eclipse occurred as per the stipulated time, watched and then passed away, leaving the same moon with its cratered face once again.

The world now busies itself into its worldly affairs once more after the eclipse and the event would be soon forgotten. And once again Wikileaks will assume attentions of those who want to listen or read to dramatic and juicy news, scandals and finger pointers.

Most of the Christian world would now be engrossed to make the final purchases to celebrate Christmas two days from hence. And then there would be waiting for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. While the lunar eclipse was a “shady” event, Christmas and New Year’s Eve would be all lights and colours.

While the world for next seven-eight days will be all fun and laughter, few would ponder over the grave and tragic incidents that happened in the year 2010. People already seem to have long forgotten the flood victims of Pakistan and Haiti, just like the lunar eclipse. Our cratered face reappears which cares for the fun and laughter, but never cares for the miseries being suffered by a vast majority of the poor world.

I wish there comes a day when everyone joins hand together to save for the poor and needy rather than celebrating. Can there be a year dedicated for the poor, a year in which no celebrations are to take place except the inner celebration of having cared, thought and sided with the poor? Let not our joy and fun eclipse the miseries and sufferings of the poor of the world anymore.


Lunar Eclipse is no doubt a wonderful experience.

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