Monday, February 21, 2011

Why aren't we praying?

I am not much of religious but do have a yearning for it. And whenever I am down, I turn to my Creator and beg Him to forgive me for I must have sinned which in return caused me a loss or a misfortune.

Having said that, when I look around, I find apathy and indifference about what is taking place around us. We don’t have rains and our reservoirs are drying up. Our crops aren’t yielding as these once used. People of one faith are killing people of other faith. And above all, Muslims are killing Muslims, hurling grenades, spraying bullets and exploding TNT at leisure. But I don’t see anyone praying.

Once, the Heavenly angel Gabriel told Muhammad (MPBUH) that “Fitna” or earthly turmoil will be the punishment for misdeeds of His followers. And today we see that “Fitna” having been unleashed in all its might and is dissecting the Muslims into fragments – tearing them apart and hammering a wedge between various faiths. Each fragment is hellhound to abuse the other fragment and score a point. And the followers blindly follow their spiritual leaders without even seeing no logic of the so called dissection. I see people talking about it but I don’t see anyone praying to get rid us of this Fitna.

Our leaders are busy in their own agendas and are least bothered about what becomes of the country. And the workers clap and clap and follow their leaders without asking them why no one isn’t doing anything to address their woes. I see everything going the wrong way but I don’t see anyone praying.

Perhaps we have become so insensitive or self bound that we do not feel our miseries anymore. We see people being killed on the streets but we look the other way thinking we have been saved. People lament and cry over their losses, but I do not see anyone praying.

Isn't it time that we forget about our differences and really bow ourselves before our Creator and beg forgiveness of our sins, our hatred for others and the looting and plundering that we have done? Isn’t it time that we pray for rain so that the drought like conditions haunting us subside and the earth lives again? Isn’t it time that we pray so that our hearts feel the lamentations of those who are suffering and hot against the wall. Isn’t all that has been done to us, so many innocent people killed for no reason and eye opener for us to get united? But I don’t find people thinking that way. Most of us see but don’t say anything.

One of my favourite song of Demis Roussos is “We shall Dance” as one of its line impresses me the most, that reads, “Lord I swear when the time comes, we'll pray!!.”  Although we should not wait to pray to our Creator, but this line was suddenly recalled when I was writing this blog and I really thought that the time has finally come for us to pray.

Shouldn't we be now?


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