Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life without internet

We seldom feel how much internet has affected our lives as it has become almost a daily routine to use it.  And it was just yesterday when for unknown reasons, my wireless internet connection suddenly went off the air. For a few hours I could sustain its disappearance, but when the disruption continued for hours together, it really started to hurt and it was then I realized how lonely and incomplete one feels without talking and listening to the world through one’s internet laced computer by writing and reading blogs.

One suddenly feels the importance of the social media network of internet, which is playing an important tool and serving as a useful aid to keep people connected to each other. When it wasn’t working, life seemed lonelier and empty. Even the SMS services were disrupted and so were the cellular phone services of a few mobile phone service providers. I wanted to speak to my sons who had gone to Lahore on a study tour sponsored by their university, but could not get connected.

And the amazing thing was tha none of the leading news channels aired any such news to come to the rescue of millions of people sitting with dead computers and cellular phones. It was late at night that a very unassuming TV channel when I normally skip while surfing the numerous TV channels, caught my attention with breaking news of disruption of internet and mobile phone services.

So yesterday was the lonelier day for me – cut off from the world and from own family and friends. It was the I realized that life of all those, including me, who sit on their computers and are in habit of talking and speaking to the world, could become so dull, boring and incomplete without a warm and active internet and cellular phone. Today when I got up in the morning, the first thing that I did was to hit switch on the computer and see if it was alive – thank God it was. And it provided me an opportunity to write this post and talk and listen to the world once again.


Hi I found you through the Pakistani Bloggers Site. I know what you mean about the internet. Every weekend ours goes out for hours at a time. When it first started happening, it drove me nuts. Now I am just use to it.

Here is my take on this:

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