Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nasir Kazmi on Load Shedding

When Nasir Kazmi had written his following poetry many many years ago, perhaps he would not have known how his poetry will be used by someone to correlate it to the menace of load shedding. But when I was listening to this beautifully versed piece of poetry sung by Tasawar Khanum, I was stopped in my tracks. And I just tried to correlate the verses with the environment we are living in and it just occurred to me as if this poetry was written to describe the present days.

I hurriedly wrote the verses on paper and am uploading for the readers to decide whether these relate to our present day sufferings or not.

Shehr ki 'be-chiragh' gallioun main
Zindigi tujh ko dondhti hay abhi  
[In the light-less /dark streets of the city
Life is searching for you now]
Bhari dunya main jee naheen lagta
Janay kis cheez ki kami hay abhi
[In this world full of life
I do not know what am I missing]
kuch tao nazak mazaj hain ham bhi
aur yeh chot bhi nayee hai abhi
[I am otherwise very sensitive at heart
and moreover this wound is new too]
If you now correlate the verses above with the darkened light less streets due to excessive load shedding,   we all know light is something we are all vying for more than anything as our life hinges on it. And despite the fact we have everything, in varying degrees, but it is the light or the electricity that is not there.

And the third one is as if it was the start of the load shedding when the poet takes it as something that is new and is hurting.


I know some poetry lovers may not like this 'gesture' of mine for correlating the poetry of a great poet - but just take it lightly and enjoy load shedding since we cannot do much about it.

And by the way do listen to this beautiful poetry of Nasir Kazmi, beautifully sung by Tassawar Khanum given herein under: 


Wish Nasir Kazmi is here to see how we (the 'load shedded' people of Pakistan) are interpretting his verses. Lovely post JalalHB. Thanks for writing it.

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