Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gwader on the global chessboard

“Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” is a book on Pakistan’s Geo-Economics. This book is one of the economic alternatives for Pakistan. To replace its aid based economy with a trade – transit – energy centre based economy. Pakistan should capitalize on its pivotal geography, central position between multi regions. Pakistan is located –  between China and Gulf/Indian Ocean, Central Asia/Russia and warm waters, South Asia and Central Asia, West Asia and China – South Asia.  Pakistan as a state actor can provide a geographic, energy and demographic link up. 

The author of this holistic book on Gwadar, is also the moving spirit of the modern Gwadar Concept. For a detailed analysis the book is a must read, however as an introduction to the concept a brief pictorial introduction is presented here. 

The author emphasizes on the importance of the Gwader port as the converging hub of all future trade and transit routes emanating from the Central Asian Republics, China and even Russia as this is the shortest of all routes leading to the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Look at the area of influence the Gwader port will have, if properly developed and organized into an effective economic focal point for some of the most important Asian and Gulf countries.

The author, Brigadier Nadir Mir (retd), is decorated with Sitar-e-Imtiaz (Military) for his outstanding abilities and devotion to the army. He had his high schooling from the Quetta Grammer School,St Anthony's and later the Aithchison and FC colleges Lahore. He is also a graduate of Command and Staff Colleges Pakistan and Turkey, besides the National Defence University. He is an authority on the military and economic strategy and has a vast experience of dealing with sensitive and important issues related to geo-politics. The book is being seen by many as an important document for the students of international relations and as substantial reference book.  The author after farewell to arms has dedicated his life for research and analysis and to further the cause of making Pakistan as one of the leading countries of the region. Presently he writing an elaborate book on the geo-politics of the region with special reference and emphasis on Pakistan.

The book, published by the Frozesons (pvt) Ltd, is available at the bookstalls for Rs. 295.

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