Tuesday, February 14, 2012

are you broken-hearted on valentine Day today? Go to destinations that are specially for you

Valentine Day is celebrated throughout the world on 14 February each year to express love specially for  the lovers and spouses. Lovers exchange roses, chocolates, cards and gifts to shower one's love and try one's best to express the fathomless love to make the loved feel happier, and hearty.

But what about the broken hearted? What should they do? Should they lock themselves in their bedrooms and cry in solo while the lovers out in the streets honk loudly, date, exchange gifts and make future commitments? That would be killing, really and more depressing.

But now there are good news too and there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. There are places around the world that are specially for the people with a broken heart and those who feel lonely with no one to hold their hand. In fact some destinations are 'tailor made' for the broken hearted.....

Read details: Jaho Jalal


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