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6 August 1945 Hiroshima - the day Americans destroyed humanity

At 8:15 AM, when the city of Hiroshima was living as peaceful as ever before, a large American bomber, nick named Enola Gay flown by Colonel Paul Tibbets and his crew, appeared over the city and released 'Little Boy, a new menace in the history of warfare which destroyed the entire city of Hiroshima and killed almost 70,000 innocent civilians in the flash of a second. 

Children, women, old and young were burnt to death and an entire humanity perished with seconds. The exercise was repeated three days later at the city of Nagasaki where another 40,000 perished, as if killing of people of Hiroshima was not enough to quench the thurst of the war mongers sitting comfortable and peacefully thousands of miles away in the USA.

To pacify the world reaction and justify his very own, the American president of the time said:
The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, insofar as possible, the killing of civilians. - US President Truman

The A Bomb devastation
Yes, Hiroshima was home to a military base but the entire city was not. To destroy the military base, many aircraft could have been sent to destroy the base, the munition factories or even the beach head - but why the entire city with its entire civilian population? Perhaps in his emotional state, the American president forgot this.

When the news of the A-bombing reached America, thousands 'peace loving' overjoyed Americans came on the streets and celebrated the enemy's death. The same the Americans continue to enjoy the deaths in various parts of the world, specially the Muslim world for the 'enemies of peace' are being eliminated.

But when 9/11 happened, the entire world media lamented the death of a few hundreds and Americans cursed the Muslims for their death. AlthoughI am no propnent of use of force, specially against the civilians and equally share the grief of thoese whose near and dear ones perished in the 9/11 attacks, I am equally apalled at the apathy of the Americans, who celebrate the death of innocent civilians they perceive to be their enemeis, and then lament the death of thier own kith and kin when subjected to such a response.

Americans today are tacitly supporting and aiding the 'rebels' in overhtrowing presidents and governments in Muslim worlds to win over the hearts of the Israelis. The invasion of a progressive Muslim country Iraq on the pretext of WMDs, which were never found, and the brutal killing of Libyan president Qaddafi, who had taken Libya to the zenith of develoment and prosperity. And now it is Syria.

Although, let me once again reiteriate that I am no fan of Assad, but why do not we let the indigenous movements to take toll of such people - why only America in the whole world has taken upon itself to 'cleanse' the countries of the governments that are tangent to US, read Israel, interests?

If we look back, how many countries have been invaded, destroyed and left in perils after the US attacks, the list is enormous. Starting from Vietnam to Iraq, Libya and now Afghanistan, the list and death toll of civilians is too long. And yet the American people are made to believe that 'enemies of America' are being eliminated. Also the drone attacks that kill civilians every other day in Pakistan under the garb of killing Al-Qaeda, a notorious organization coined and establised by the USA, go unnoticed. 

Few of the countless children who were killed by American drone attacks in Pakistan
Take an honest toll around the world and the result will be astonishing, not for the world, but for the Americans as all sane and rationale people consider successive American governments to destroy the world and leave the invaded in miseries for ever.

While the one simple act perished humanity on 6 August, there are innumerous acts by the americans to destroy thousands and thouands to safeguard its interets - or I may say interest of Israel. And alas the world community and the United Nations keep quiet and tacitly support USA in pursits of its global goals. 

Military means have never resolved an issue ever - it is negotiations and rationale thinking and logical aprroach that resolves issues. If war were the tools, the thousands of Daisy Cutters thrown on Tora Bora a few years back would have resolved Afghan issue by now. Sidelining the mainstream and suporting the minorities never resolve issues, the Americans should have learnt by now.

The sole reason why America is continously aiding war mongers around the world and even itself actively participating in wars is the Weapon and Munition industries of its own. Unless there are wars, how would these factories run and pocket trillions of dollars by selling arms to the USA froces and theose wupplied to the 'rebels?' Imagine the cost fo one 15,000 pounds heavy Daisy Cutter and then multiply it with thousands dropped over barren mountains of Afghanistan with not a sinle perent outcome. That is just one exampe - if we calculate the war effort cost of invasion of Iraq, Libya and other countries, peace could have been negotiated at a far lesser price if American wanted.

While on this day, the 6th August 1945, I stand by the people of Japan, specially Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I wish sanity previals on the Americans to bring peace to the world - not by bombs but with words and diplomacy, lest the scars left on the humanity deepen and let the world bleed forever at the hands of the Americans ad militants, Taliban and others taking cover of Americans.

Watch countless photographs of Hiroshima / Nagasaki destruction: Boston


How can they or anyone else forget this.

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