Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr Jinnah

by Akhtar Nawaz Janjua

Happy birthday, Mr Jinnah

Nation is celebrating your birthday with a change of guard at your Mausoleum (Pray to Allah Karim SWT that it goes for a change of heart and deeds as well), through statements paying you homage (Pray that it takes time to see its own statement of deeds towards your Pakistan), via write ups like this one to remember you (Pray that it sees the writing on the wall written through its irresponsible performance for the last six decades after you left it), through electronic media talks and print media supplements (Pray to Allah Karim SWT that it finds time to read the volumes of everything mis...............).

You were the chosen one and we have not measured up to the task once you left us (good for you because we have a very poor record of treating our benefactors). We have proved to be unworthy heirs. We could not retain even that which Allah Karim SWT granted us through you. 

We know that you were pronounced dead by your Doctor in 1946 but Allah Karim made you live to see your assignment completed. We accept that physically we are very fit, very healthy (mentally sick though entire nation is) yet we have not completed a single assignment till date.


We know that you were all rules and nothing else; only indiscretion (as per outsiders) you ever committed was to drive to the house of Viceroy asking him "get me my Pakistan else I get your India destroyed" after your Doctor had told you that you were dead as far as he was concerned. Unfortunately (for your information) we never believed in rule of law and have no intent to do so any time in future.

We know that even your worst enemies can not point a spot on your character - (moral, financial and as a leader). We  for your information are covered under black stains in every sphere of life.

You didn't allow your brother to use your name on the visiting card 'as Governed General had no brothers - M A Jinnah had'. We do not hesitate to use the name of Allah Karim SWT for our dirty stuff.

The list of our blemishes is long but we haven't lost hope because as your friend and mentor Allama Iqbal RA had said:
  ذرا نم ھو تو یہ مٹی بڑی ذرخیز ھے ساقی

We require lot of Prayers from you, Hazrat Iqbal and your other associates, huge quantity of "GHAIRAT-E-EEMANI-O-MILLI, HARD WORK, SINCERITY OF PURPOSE, HONEST LEADERSHIP, SELFLESS APPROACH AND GREED FREE ROUTINE".

Unlimited Prayers for you and your colleagues - Happy birthday !


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