Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Memo of Treachery

The ‘Memo of Treachery’ has been considerably unveiled. Actually it is no great mystery. This is in fact the corruption, transfer wealth abroad – get foreign support – stay in power or acquire more power – money complex in action. Pakistani liberals (puppets) living abroad, posing as the ‘face of Pakistan’ the linchpin for this Faustian bargain. (Between Pakistani traitors and alien supporters).
It is certainly not about civilian control over the military establishment (which is a good thing). It is about corrupt, self serving elite, who seek foreign support to keep robbing the people of Pakistan. (Betraying Pakistanis is not an issue, but part of the agenda).
Without confusing the issue, the ‘Memo’ sent by some Pakistanis (with bank accounts, assets and residence abroad) sought foreign (Uncle Sam’s) support which by simple connotation meant:
§  Weaken Pakistan’s National Security by cutting ISI – Army down to size.
§  Invite US military forces in Pakistan for partial occupation (as if drones were not enough)
§  Exposing, denuding and ultimately compromising Pakistan’s nuclear projects. (Depriving Pakistan of its deterrent)
§  Handing over Pakistanis demanded by India. (Today militants, tomorrow hijab wearing women! Any one Delhi considers not friendly or not in love with Indian’s inequality based Brahman Order)
§  Practically advocating steps leading to Pakistani Nation’s eventual and complete enslavement to US Geopolitical diktat and Indian over lordship plus much worse. . . . 
 All that was asked by the authors of the treacherous memo was to be in power in Pakistan. (Along with their foreign based stolen wealth and to continue duping the innocent people of Pakistan forever).
Now even Admiral Mike Mullen (recipient of the memo) has recollected, after initial denial (a memory loss, apparently from too much work!) And confirmed the memo was sent by Pakistanis (friends of USA)
Hussain Haqqani the Pakistan Ambassador has obviously rejected Ijaz Mansoor, a Pakistani businessman, making this claim about the ‘Memo’. In any event Hussain Haqqani is better known as ‘America’s Ambassador for Pakistan in Washington’.
Reportedly and predictably Hussain Haqqani initially refused to return to Pakistan (gaining time to lobby in USA) and threatened to seek asylum in USA but later retraced. With an Ambassador like this who needs enemies!
In essence the ‘Memo’ is a clear case of treachery to the state of Pakistan. Articles in The News by Shaheen Sehbai and Muhammad Malick -- ‘The Treasonous Memo’ and from Ansar Abbasi – HH resignation alone will not be enough’ are timely, eye opening and riveting.
A complete, impartial inquiry by the Supreme Court would be in order. Hussain Haqqani’s resignation is not enough. He should be tried for treason in a fair trial. If found guilty he should be dealt under the law. (It was Hussain Haqqani who reportedly told the Americans, Pakistanis were like carpet merchants on price haggling issues!)
Not carpet merchants but Pakistanis are a proud, patriotic, peace loving, independence minded nation. (Except for a tiny, mini minority of self serving, thieving, foreign supported elite).
The nefarious characters involved in the plot to weaken ISI, dilute the army, invite American troops into Pakistani homes, compromise nuclear arsenal, accept every Indian demand and the long list of crimes of infamy are traitors of the worst order.
 If they are not traitors then what is treachery to Pakistan? This is not about a clash between liberal puppets, pro western in outlook or radical extremists, fundamentalists. (That narrative is old – obsolete and boring). It is about the right of Pakistani Nation to live in peace and freedom, with security, prosperity and honour. An unfettered Nation – master of its own destiny!
Without being sold to the first bidder, invaded by America, threatened by India and betrayed by its own corrupt and treacherous elite. The time has come to squeeze the space on traitors of all hues. If Islamabad – Rawalpindi cannot deal with a ‘Rogue Ambassador’, what can it do?
A fair trial but heads must roll (literally). If those who betray Pakistan are not dealt today, it would be tragic.
But they will inevitably face justice tomorrow by the Pakistan Revolution!
Author: Nadir Mir, a retired brigadier and Author of the book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” and blogger of Pakistan and Geopolitics  


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