Sunday, November 27, 2011

NATO toning down the Deathly Air Attack on Pakistani check post “Grammatically”

It is just appalling and awesome – you kill people deliberately then “mince” your response in a manner that few can understand, thus confusing a majority.  The Saturday morning’s air attack on a Pakistani check post by NATO helicopters that left 26 dead and 14 wounded was a gruesome act by the so called “allies on the war of (t)error.”

Now instead of out rightly being apologetic of this shameful act of stabbing friends in darkness, the NATO is trying to use words that may confuse the readers and make them feel as if nothing much has happened. The ISAF spokesman uses the first confusing word of development of a “tactical situation” on ground, calling for close air support. Then it says it is “highly likely” that the air support “that was brought forward” caused the incident.

Brigadier Jacob, ISAF spokesman adds that he regrets the loss of life but cannot offer any apologies until the probe is completed.

On the other hand, US spokesman, quoting Ms Clinton and the US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff adds: "These US diplomatic and military leaders each stressed -- in addition to their sympathies and a commitment to review the circumstances of the incident -- the importance of the US-Pakistani partnership, which serves the mutual interests of our people," the US statement said.

If we recall, in a similar air raid in September last year, the same very words were used, and a “full investigation” was vowed by the US, NATO and ISAF, when Pakistan threatened to cut of LOC of NATO. But nothing conclusive came out and a mere apology was aptly worded to close off the case. Like was the case of notorious Raymond Davis, who brutally and cold bloodedly killed three Pakistanis in broad daylight in Lahore and was siphoned off the country with tacit deals and yet no inquiries were conducted against him. And even if some questioning was made, it was not made public.

The Saturday raid has left 26 families lamented for the rest of their lives. God knows how many women have been widowed or how many children, may be some unborn, have been orphaned. Even those who are injured must be in pretty bad shape. May be many of them have lost their limbs forever or have deep scars, never to be healed.

This confusing War of (T)error continues with more casualties in Pakistan than in Afghanistan or of NATO and ISAF troops. While Pakistan has done much more than it should have, it is still being pressed to do more, even more and still more every day. How can a force fight on when its own ranks are being killed by the forces they are supporting?

The outrage by Pakistan is very obvious and logical. The rise of Taliban is a direct outcome of the NATO invasion of Afghanistan. The US having found its inability to achieve its objectives in Afghanistan is already packing off and in a hurry to leave war torn Afghanistan before it becomes another Vietnam for the USA. And when US exits, it leaves behind a more shattered and unstable Afghanistan than it was before US involvement in the region.

Its time now that our politicians sit down together and work out a clear cut approach on our involvement in this nonsense war and give its armed forces a clear cut mandate to retaliate if such like incidents happen again. There is no fun of calling emergency meetings every time such incidents take place and then hurriedly buy an apology from a low US official and start helping the NATO again. Let us for the sake of our future generations take decisions that are taken keeping in view the aspirations of our people and ensuring integrity of our country.

Let not mere words, articulately worded, tacitly framed, fool us every time an incident involving the national integrity of Pakistan takes place.


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