Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let us leave Siachen to God to repair the damage we humans have caused to it

Everyone heard about the disaster that blanketed the headquarters of a 6th Northern Light Infantry of Pakistan Army - burying alive 138 personnel both military and civilians underneath a thick sheet of 25 metres consisting of boulders, rocks and snow, with a heavy heart. The disaster occurred on the Saturday morning and it has been five days but there has been no news about those buried underneath the landslide.

The aftermath of the tragedy: A heap of boulders and snow blanket the unlucky 138
The tragedy that befell on those unlucky 138 soldiers and supporting civilians, which is as sad and lamenting as any other disaster that strikes us. Should not this disaster open up discussion through media on both sides of the border on the fruitlessness of the Siachen war and its ramification on life and humanity?

Let us all raise our voice to persuade our respective governments to demilitarise Siachen Glacier to its pre 1984 status and leave it to the God forever to repair the damage we humans have inflicted upon it.


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