Thursday, April 19, 2012

US Soldiers pose with remains of Suicide Bomber

As if urinating the dead bodies of Taliban wasn't enough - as if the atrocities at Abu Gharib prison were not enough. And as if burning the Koran wasn't quenching the thirst of some of the adventurous members of the US Army - and as if killing of seventeen innocent women and children by a US seargent wasn't soul satisfying.

Now here is another gory episode of heartless soldiers of the USA - acountry that is upbeat on the issues of human diginity, honour and rights. Remeber when a video of girl being caned sprang up awhile ago? The entire US media geared up against Islam and Muslims for beating females publically? A video that many believed was a cooked-up thing for disgracing Pakistan and its people - hell was turned lose in media about the brutality of the militants.

But when Abu Gharib thing happened - there wasnt much of an uproar. When tropps urinated on dead bodies, it was termed as individual act - when Koran was bunrt, again it was individual act. But when a girl was caned, it was as if the entire Pakistan was behind the caning of that girl.

And now the news of posing with the remains of a suicide bomber as once the hunters used to get photographed with their hunted trophies. The smiles on the face of soldiers shows their respect for the dead, no matter how much condemnable his act was. The photographs have been published in the LA Times and I do not want to show the graphic content of these photos.

And as usual, the Pentagon press secretary said Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta 'strongly rejects the conduct' of the soldiers depicted in the photos. It is always codemnation and nothing else.

I even read a comment by someone that one cannot understand the mental condition of soldiers serving in Afghanistan and such incidents are out of frustration - but the question is who sends these soldiers who get frustrated? This means the soldiers do not have their heart and mind in the war they are fighting at the behest of the army and the governemnt. Such things happen when soldiers lose confidence of their commanders and then go to extents that normal human eings or even soldiers do not violate.

It is time now that the US Army teach their soldiers morals and ethics to fight a war - ethics that the Allies tried to teach the world after the World War, showing atrocities by the GErmans and the Japanese soldiers, while flowers being showered on the Allies liberators - who knew what they did which was not shown? 

Now media is trong enough to show what is otherwise balnketed by the militaries. Hats off to the media which have the guts and moral courage to report irrespective of consequences and bad name that comes to their countries.

Let there be soldiers who fight wars knowing what wars are - isnted of killing and humiliating, they should be winning the hearts and minds of the ordinary people rather than making them hate. And then Americans ask this frequenly asked question: Why people around the world hate us? Don't they already know Why?


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