Friday, December 17, 2010

Russians and Pakistanis sailing in similar boats

Don’t be amazed by my statement but believe me the state of affairs in both countries look so identical and similar that I was forced to caption my post like so. It was a small news report in the English daily that I read. Perched in a side column, it just caught my attention because of its caption: Questions that Putin did not answer. When I read the news, it looked as if the question were posed to the PM of Pakistan rather than one of the most powerful countries of the world.
Herein under are those questions that Putin did not answer during a phone-in session on the television, which went on for almost five hours. I will not comment on the questions. Rather I leave it to the acumen and perception of my readers to correlate these questions to our own political milieu and find similarities. 
  • When will we have true democracy?
  • When will we have freedom of expression and free elections?
  • When will the doctors stop taking bribes and kickbacks?
  • When will the law apply to officials and the rich?
  • When will we live well?
  • Will the chaos that reigns in Russia end one day?
  • When will you leave politics?
  • Do only those questions that are not annoying reach you?
  • And finally a classic question: When will a feudal system end in Russia?
Having read these questions, don’t we feel that we are also sailing in a similar boat as do the Russians?


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