Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Estrogen in drinking water is likely LINKED to incidence of Prostate Cancer in Men

Full Story: Huffington Post 15 Nov

A new study links the estrogen in drinking water to incidence of prostate cancer related deaths in men. The study had been carried out by researchers at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, who by analyzing the percentage of women using the pill, intrauterine devices, condoms and vaginal barrier contraceptives in 87 countries, then examined the incidence and deaths from prostate cancer.

A finding of the study concludes that estrogen in birth-control pills is excreted in the urine and gets into the environment, particularly into water, and scientific evidence suggests that low levels may cause cancer, including prostate cancer.

Estrogen and estrogen-like chemicals are found in all manner of commercial and cosmetic products, among them pesticides. Studies have shown that male farmers exposed to pesticides that contain high doses have a higher risk of prostate cancer compared with the general population.

Read full story for this revealing new findings for the sake of your health.


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