Monday, November 14, 2011

Injury that Caused one Man's Daughter To be born Addicted

Full Story: The Business Insider 14 November 2011

I have never read such a scary and painful real life story - story of a 15 years boy on whom hell fell and his life thereafter became hell, not only his alone, but of his wife and the daughter born to them. I am sharing this link and story for everyone to read because this may have many lessons for us.

X-ray after initial surgery (Photo: Bernie Mullen) 
Bernie Mullen was 15 when a crane fell on him and he was only very lucky to survive. But to live on he was operated 8 times and had two screws in his neck, five pins in his spine and another big plate in his neck. with this awesome series of surgeries, he grew up only to live in utter pain forever. His pain could not subside with normal dose of pain killers allowed and he had to use all other means to get more pain killers to arrest his pains. He was fleeced by doctors and everyone who came his way.

His wife had to face legal actions for getting medicine from other means. And what was more, their daughter was born premature suffering as methadone infant.

Please read the full story and share the anguish of a family that have to pay the price of an accident which everyone thought would heal of its wounds - but DIDN'T - rather it has become a nightmare of their lives.


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