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Balochistan – the final destination of USA to subdue China and Iran

Many would remember the circulation of map by an American Colonel Ralph Peters sometime back on the internet in which he had ‘envisioned’ new borders for many Muslim countries of Middle East and Asia including Pakistan as shown herein under:

As per the map, a large portion f Balochistan which is spread over Pakistan and Iran has been shown as the Independent Balochistan and the remaining Pakistan is shown like a shrunk lady finger, mostly consisting of Punjab and a part of Sindh province. And Colonel Peters calls all countries with red borders as losers that includes Pakistan and Iran. At that time many shrugged off the map as an individual’s innovative mind of how he saw the world from his perspective. But some cautioned that nothing comes out in the open unless it has routes back into the secret world of CIA. And they were right.

The recent tabling of the motion in the US Congress about the status of Balochistan and atrocities being committed to the Baloch people should serve us as an eye opener. It is something that our Foreign Office and agencies should have given due attention even before the publication of the Ralph Peter’s map, feeling the pulse of the CIA. Now even if we missed the bus then, now is the most appropriate time that we really get serious about the whole issue.

Why suddenly Balochistan has figured out so prominently in the US Congress – something very serious about a country they claim the US cannot win war against terror. A country which has supported their war of terror for the last over one decade at the cost of the collateral damage that spilled over to our side of the border, that has resulted into killing of countless innocent civilians, mostly women and children, during the drone attacks and those who were killed and maimed for life during a continued spate of suicide bombing throughout Pakistan.

The Americans did not even spare the Pakistan Army personnel and twice attacked proper Pakistan Army check post and martyred 30 uniform personnel, the Salala check post incidence the latest in which 26 personnel were martyred. This is the same US Army under cover the ambit of NATO / ISAF for which we have allowed the usage of our roads for transportation of supplies for their sustenance.  Since the Salala incidence, the NATO supplies have been closed by Pakistan, which is hurting the NATO troops, ostensibly the US troops badly.

Perhaps the Salala incidence was part of a well-planned game plan so as to coerce Pakistan to close the NATO supply route and then blame Pakistan for hindering the efforts of the ‘world community’ to fight terrorism and then implement their some code named operation for ensuring the sustained supplies to the US troops through Pakistan’s liberated Balochistan. But this is just the beginning.

The lust for Balochistan started when large deposits of gold and copper were discovered in Balochistan which run into billions of dollars. A place rich in mineral deposits, leading to frontiers of China, could not have been less lucrative for the USA.

If Colonel Peter’s proposed plan is implemented, US accrue following benefits from it:
Possession of Gawadar Post by USA – a strategically placed warm water port on the mouth of Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf which when in US control can easily put US Navy in commanding position to monitor all oil carrying cargo traffic from the Arab countries besides Iran and block to economically strangulate the oil producing countries of the area, while drawing maximum advantage of controlling the world oil trade.

Secondly, the occupation of Balochistan of Pakistan will provide a cushion to the US forces under the ambit of UN, to expand its borders inside the Iranian oil rich Balochistan. This would not only separate two Islamic countries or in the words of one American write the two rouge states but also provide a jumping pad to invade Iran at an opportune moment.
Thirdly, the independent Balochistan connected to Afghanistan, provides a direct route to China. This will allow the US to threaten China and even go for any adventure as per thus-far hidden secret US plan. This will also neutralise any Chinese effort to have access to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea through Gawadar port. 
Fourthly and needless to mention, the entire natural resources of Balochistan will fall freely in the hands of USA, which will be fleeced away as once the British Empire took away the wealth and resources of India when it came here under the garb of trade in the 1800s. 
As for the few Baloch leaders, who saw for themselves the rule of independent Balochistan, they will soon have nothing left in their ‘country’ and will be at the mercy of their new rulers, who will treat them with no less ruthlessness when under their feet.
Our friend Iran has already fallen into the hands of the great American game when it became part of  Indian plan for the development of a  south-north road network inside Afghanistan to be connected to the Iranian port of Chah Bahar – something that provides yet another route to Afghanistan and the Central Asian Republics. Once the so called independent Balochistan expands, Chah Bahar is also likely ot be enveloped into it, providing USA not one, but two warm water ports in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

Keeping in view above options and strategy ostensibly carved out by the USA with support of a few Baloch leaders, time is now that we as a nation really get united and focus our attention on the precarious situation in Balochistan. The recent uprising which is gaining momentum can be taken full advantage of by the USA and with the UN consent a Libya like NATO interference could be launched in Balochistan to liberate the ‘supressed Baloch people’ from the clutches of Pakistan – this is something that is through a very detailed programme of subversion, is being inculcated in the minds of the innocent Baloch people to turn against the law of the land and create conditions for a US touted UN/NATO intervention into Balochistan for the realisation of US interests in this region.

We need to engage the Balochi people at national level and at present all our efforts should be focused on resolving their grudges and misgivings. We need to hold live TV debates incorporating Baloch leaders and people and find out solution to their problems. Had the initiative taken by the present government under the ambit of ‘Aghaze-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan’ (Commencement of Rights of the Balochistan) implemented in true letter and spirit, we would have made a considerable headway in resolving the issues concerning the misgivings of the Balochistan. Time is now that our politicians get together and pursue all out efforts to help resolve the Balochistan issue.

And at the same time, Pakistan must protest to the UN and the world community in as much hard words as possible to condemn the US for meddling into the internal affairs of Pakistan – a country to which USA attaches much importance and has always been asking to do more to support her war for her interests. Something which Pakistan has been doing, much to the annoyance of its people, as everyone in the streets knows that US has never been and never would be a friend of Pakistan. Rather Pakistan has always been used for the sake of US interests since the independence of Pakistan. Pakistan even sided with USA against the then USSR in joining organizations like SEATO and CENTO and even allowing use of its Bada Ber airfield near Peshawar for U-2 flights over Russia till one was shot down by Russia and an angry Khrushchev put a red circle around Peshawar and threatened Pakistan of dire consequences if it further continued to allow US for us of its bases against USSR.

Such has been our contribution towards US interests. Now having suffered so much, if USA is till not sincere to Pakistan, it is time that we openly denounce our relations with USA and enter into a long term strategic partnership with China, for any sinister moves by USA in Balochistan will invariably be aimed at China and Iran in NEAR FUTURE.


Let us try and fail America in this. We can do it.

Dear Jalal,
My sincere compliments on an excellent article on Balochistan. America stands totally exposed as it seeks to balkanize and denuke Pakistan, abetted by India etc. Pakistan needs National unity, determination to defend Balochistan -- Pakistan. We also need some soul searching of our own mistakes in Balochistan and need to rectify them immediently. I am also writing an article on Balochistan. We need to campaign for defence of Balochistan.
Nadir Mir

That was wonderful information. You have done wonderful work. Keep up the good work.
Contact: Sana Ahamed

Thanks Shirazi, Nadir Mir and Omer Saleem. As Nadir said, we need a serious soul searching to put our house in order and listen to Balochistan as time is slipping.

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