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New Middle East Map - Revival of an old Neocon Dream

Awhile ago, I wrote a post about Balochistan "Balochistan - The final destination of USA to subdue China and Iran" after the uproar in the US Congress for an independent Balochistan. The post was based on the debate in the US Congress, substantiated by a map drawn sometime back by a US Army Colonel Ralph Peter. Since the post was basically focused on Balochistan, many readers may not have concentrated on the rest of the map or the bigger game plan the USA is speculated to play in near future.
If we follow the events taking place in the recent past, we would see a systematic destruction of the Muslim world at the hands of USA. Iraq was invaded on the pretext of presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the world was made to believe it and coerced to join the US efforts to rid the world from the menace of the WMDs. Now we all know that there were no WMDs in Iraq - in fact it was the US design to destroy a progressive Muslim country beyond repair and make it an unstable country for times to come. This is what Iraq is today.
Then there has a recent 'awakening and uprising' in a number of Muslim countries like Egypt, Yemen, Libya and now Syria. With a resolve to rid Libya of Gaddafi, the entire country, which was one of the fastest developing Muslim country, has been torn apart and the so called war of liberation has destroyed once progressive and thriving welfare state. Same is now happening in Syria.
The US invasion of Afghanistan, under the auspices of UN is yet another move to have  a permanent US presence in the region to subdue China and Iran.
Now if you see the map the Colonel Ralph map below closely, you would find many Muslim countries being partitioned to suit the interests of USA by covertly re-sizing and re-shaping some of the important Muslim countries of the world. Even Saudi Arabia, a strong US ally for years, has not been spared and bifurcated into  a Muslim Sacred State, Saudi Homeland, while a part is amalgamated into Jordan. Turkey too, which is a strong NATO member, has been re-sized as wished by the USA.
I won't say more about Pakistan, as I have already deliberated it in my post mentioned above.
Now Brigadier Nadir Mir, a highly qualified and learned veteran takes a detailed overall view of the machinated US intentions, oozing out of Colonel Ralph's map in the aftermath of  tabling a resolution in the US Congress for an independent Balochistan. Here is what he opines:
Recently, a resolution was passed in the US Congress to divide Pakistan and carve out an ‘independent Balochistan’. With this, an old neocon dream was revived. This time the so-called globalists and propagandists, masquerading as human right activists, are the cheerleaders. Against this backdrop, Colonel Ralph Peter’s map of the ‘New Middle East’ truncating, balkanising every country - Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan - was reproduced. Despite the fact that it was scorned and reviled even at the time of its earlier exhibition.
It seems that the neocons and influential globalists of America desperately want to initiate World War III. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s interview, If you can’t hear the drums of war, you must be deaf, with Alfred Heinz on November 27, 2011, is a clear expression of this desire.
The neocon-globalist geopolitical wish list - the rationale for the so-called ‘independent Balochistan’ - is as under:
§  Cripple Pakistan by separating Balochistan (46 percent of its territory with large mineral resources, besides the future global port of Gwadar).
§  Balkanised Pakistan forced to give up its nuclear arsenal.
§   Establish India’s hegemony over Pakistan.
§  Leftover US forces in Afghanistan and US controlled ‘new Balochistan’ to act as strategic central position for multi-regions.
§  US controlled Afghanistan-Balochistan to link the Central Asian energy oil and gas pipelines with Gwadar.
§   Delink Pakistan and Iran by carving out Balochistan and obviate the Iran-Pakistan energy/gas pipelines.
§  Establish US military presence in Balochistan for upcoming US-Israeli war against Iran.
§  Block Russia-Pak cooperation with Gazprom (Russian Gas Company) reaching Gwadar.
§  Balochistan and Kurdistan to be artificially created to have imperialist bases in the heartland of Islam.
§  ‘Independent Balochistan’ - a prelude for Kurdistan to break away from Turkey; separate Xinjiang and Tibet from China; Siberia from Russia; and separate Makkah and Madinah from Saudi Arabia.
§  US military presence in Gwadar to control the Gulf. To use the port as an alternative for USA’s 5th fleet based in Bahrain or another fleet if brought near the Gulf.
§  Use Gwadar as a military base for intervention in the Saudi Peninsula.
The rationale of these ill-intentioned pseudo thinkers is absolutely absurd. According to them, since the Pakistani elite is exploiting Balochistan, so it should be balkanised. Those who believe that Balochistan should not be a part of Pakistan are geopolitical imbeciles. Indeed, the propagandists making these claims are clueless about regional realities because:
§  Pakistan: It will fight a war, even a nuclear war of national survival to defend itself.
§  Iran: The Iranian Seistan is part of Balochistan, which the imperialists want to carve out. Therefore, Iran will fight a war in unison with Pakistan to defend Balochistan against the US threats.
§  Afghanistan: The Taliban are winning; the Americans are leaving. No Afghan - not even Karzai - will cede the Afghan territory to become ‘greater independent Balochistan’. Nor can landlocked Kabul take up fights with both Islamabad and Tehran.
§  Turkey: The Turks will support Pakistan and oppose independent Balochistan. Those who are plotting Balochistan also support Kurdistan to balkanise Turkey. Turkey will oppose Balochistan splitting by Nato, even if Nato is foolhardy to play the diabolical game of neocons.
§  Saudi Arabia: The Saudis, too, will support Pakistan and oppose the Balochistan movement.
§  India: It has been supporting the destabilisation of Balochistan and will continue to do so. But for India to overtly support Balochistan can lead to a nuclear war with Pakistan. Besides this can also trigger freedom movements in Kashmir, Khalistan, Assam, Tamil Nadu and a dozen other places. Playing the US-Israel game will spoil its relations with Iran, Russia and China.
§  China: It will support Pakistan. USA’s aim in Balochistan is to block China from Gwadar. Balochistan today, Xinjiang tomorrow! China’s defence begins from Pakistan.
§  Russia: It is Pakistan’s new friend. Besides, the Pak-Iran link is supported by Moscow.
So, the geopolitics of the region negates any viability of an independent Balochistan. In addition, anti-Americanism in Pakistan has a complex dynamic. The US meddling in Balochistan will not create an ‘independent Balochistan’, but will initiate a war, perhaps, leading to World War III.
The situation in Balochistan certainly demands immediate attention. Out of 150 Baloch tribes three major ones Marris, Bugtis, and Mengals have had problems or are in conflict. The issue of Bugtis is greatly linked to the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti. A fair trial of those responsible is their demand. The Mengals can be communicated with. Some of the Marris leaders are more adamant and would need to be worked on. Pakistan needs to accommodate most of the Balochistan demands and satisfy the people, while ensuring its national interests. Half the demography of Balochistan which is Pakhtun are patriotic like the great majority of Baloch.

Bugti’s killing by Musharraf led to the present Balochistan crisis. The army or the ISI is not responsible. USA and India did not oppose Musharraf’s actions in Balochistan. This was a US-India baited gambit (to lure Musharraf into a crackdown and create turmoil for instigating independent Balochistan). Musharraf was praised by Washington and assured by Delhi of its non-involvement in Balochistan, luring him into the mess Pakistan faces today in the province. For all this time a covert war was being waged for claiming independence of Balochistan. During this period a worldwide network was established. This became overt in February 2012 as war with Iran is near centre stage in 2012. However, those who are planning war against Pakistan must be told that the choice is between peace and total war; indeed, the country will be defended at any price!
About the Author - Brigadier Nadir Mir (R) SI (M): For his school and college education, he attended the prestigious Karachi and Quetta Grammar Schools, St. Anthony’s High School, Aitchison College and FC College Lahore. In his Military Education, he is a graduate of Armour School, Fort Knox USA, Army Staff College Quetta, Turkish War Academy Istanbul, War College and National Defence College Islamabad, Pakistan. Nadir Mir knows Urdu, English and Turkish languages. He is widely traveled and a globe trotter. After “Farewell to Arms” Brigadier Nadir Mir aspires to contribute for the national cause – Pakistan.


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