Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ask me, daddy. I can bring you water too

The news of Sgt Bales killing scores of Afghan children and women may be forgotten by most of us down by our memory lanes. But those who suffered the loss of their near and dear ones would not forget the gory incident for the rest of their lives. 
Sgt Bales may have satisfied the Satan hidden in him and may not feel anything for killing 'the enemy' as all the US soldiers of the US army have been brainwashed to believe, but himself father of two, he too one day wake up from his sleep, if he survives somehow from being awarded a death penalty, and may realize what he has done - He may not ever forget the scene which would keep flashing in front of his eyes of walking off his base with his 9mm pistol and M-4 rifle, which was outfitted with a grenade launcher, killing four men, four women, two boys and seven girls and burning some of the bodies..
That is what all killers go through after they have committed the sin. But such remorse and guilt cannot take away the pain the relatives, fathers, mothers, siblings suffer for the est of their lives. 
Muhammad Wazir is one such man who would not forget the death of his seven years old daughter
Read an excerpt from a news report that I read at the  Huffington Post today:
Mohammad Wazir, in HARMARA  Afghanistan,  can barely take a sip of water because it reminds him of his 7-year-old daughter, who brought him a glass three days before she was killed with 10 other loved ones in a shooting spree allegedly carried out by a U.S. soldier in southern Afghanistan.
Wazir said he had asked his wife for a drink but his daughter Masooma brought it instead.
"She said: 'Ask me, daddy. I can bring you water too,'" Wazir recalled. "She was the beauty of my house. She had black magical eyes."
Many in America would support Bales for killing enemies, but those who have children can only appreciate the life Wazir and many others who lost their children, would live after this tragedy. I wish Americans one day too realize that people they are killing have never been their enemies - this was something drilled into their brains by the war mongers who for the sake of their business and winning elections wage wars all around the world rather than creating peace by other means.


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