Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Sharjeel: In the memory of Captain Sharjeel Shahid Shinwari Shaheed

A couple of weeks back, Captain Sharjeel Shahid Shinwari, a doctor in Pakistan Army got ambushed in Waziristan by the militants and succumbed to the IED placed by the road side while visiting patients in a forward military camp. I wrote about the martyred captain in my exclusive post at 'Another son f the soil falls in the line of duty.'

Now another mutual friend of mine and the father of the martyred captain, who himself is in distress these days, remembered the martyred son of the soil in a poem exclusively written for him. Not a man of letter, but his distress has taught him to use his pen and express his thoughts so beautifully that one can feel the pain of a father who has undergone the tragedy of losing his son in the service of the country.

Here it is, written in Urdu. I have tried to translate it into English for my readers who cannot understand Urdu - though my effort cannot match the true feelings reflected by my friend, but it may convey the meanings to some extent.

"Sharjeel Hamara"

Dedicated to my platoon mate Maj Shahid Noor his Family and 55th PMA

Suno aik Ferzand-e-Touheed ki kahani
meray nacheeze bandey ki zubani
(listen to the story of a son of a soil - from a humble person like me)

Sharjeel hamara
Sherjeel hamara
(Our Sharjeel - Our Sharjeel)

Wo "pachpan" ka roshan tara
Maa ki ankh ka raj dullar
(He, who was a shinning star of the 55th PMA Long Course - a mother's prince)

Sherjeel hamara
Sherjeel hamara

Shahid kay angan ka Noor
Hamaray dil ka Saroor
(Light of Shahid Noor's eyes - a lovely darling of us all) 

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Soum-o-Salat ka Paband
Insanyiat ka ye Peyker Shahzada
(Adherent of prayers and fasts - A symbol of humanity)

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Ba-Waqat Shahdat Khaki mai malboos
ferzand-e-Noor tha apne faraiz pe mamoor 
(Dressed in the military uniform at the time of his martyrdom - when performing his military duty)

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Jamm-e-Shahdat ki ulfat mey 
Sabqat ley gaya ye sher hamara
(By attaining martyrdom, this lion has taken a lead from all of us)

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Suno aye Pak Fouj kay Jeedaro
la dekho aysaa tabinda sitara 
(Oh sons of Pakistan Army, Can you bring forth anyone like this bright star?)

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

kar diya Shahid ka ghar pur-noor
aur walidaah majida ko mahnoor
(He brightened up his home and blessed moonlight to his mother)

Sharjeel  hamara
Sharheel hamara

Afreen Afreen aye ahilyan noor
kar giya hai fakher sey sir baland hamara
(Congratulations, oh family of Noor, he his raised your head with dignity and honour)

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Ellahi dua hey ke Roz-e-Mehsher 
Sahara baney Jannat ke rah ka 
(Oh God, I pray that on day of judgement, he may show the way to his family the way to the Heavens)

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara


May his soul rest in peace Aameen. Qoum ko fakhar hai Capt Sharjeel per.
I too wish to join Pak Army as M- cadet (Medical Corps). Pray for my success as well.
Stay happy and blessed always !

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