Sunday, March 4, 2012

A song for you, Mr President!!

The world is marred with hunger, wars, unemployment and unhappiness. While a few privileged enjoy the best from this world and their lives, countless sleep without food at night. Children look towards their parents with asking eyes for why they haven't had food again this new day - why they aren't going to school - why mom and dad are always fighting for not having enough to run the household?

Why governments spend billions on buying munition and jets - why Predators kill innocent children and women, their fathers and brothers?

Why millions of tonnes of grain is thrown into the sea being surplus, while billions starve - why some people have lots of food and why countless do not have even a morsel a day?

Thank you Mr President! You visited us when floods ravaged our houses - washed away all our belongings - and my small money box, which had just few coins in it. But then where did  your promises of a house for me go? Why did all those scores of people who smiled when you smiled and patted me to wait as the help would soon on its way. Why tha help is not coming even after months and years?

Why Mr President you and your government live in posh palaces and artfully built buildings - the money spent to sustain and maintain these palaces can provide shelter and food to many sleeping on the footpath. Why there are bullet proof cars for a few while millions and millions walk barefoot for God knows since when. Why you sleep in a big bed room which can accommodate all the children of my village washed away by the floods?

Listen to this song, Mr President:

I hope one day the you would listen to this song, Mr President.


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