Monday, October 15, 2012

Let us not dig their graves - let our children go to school

We are passing through a very critical time of our history these days. The War on Terror, which had nothing to do with us, has dragged us into it and there seems no plausible way out of it, at least as of now.

Through the Blog Action Day, being observed all over the world by the bloggers with the theme 'Power of We', I am writing the following post to covey to the world the resolve and  united voice of the entire bloggers and the people of Pakistan to express our concern about the killing and shooting of children whether by NATO drones or by militants and voice our concern to shake the conscious of the world to bring an end to this brutality so that our children could go to schools, and not to graves or hospitals.

The events that 'were set into motion' on 9/11' have finally led the NATO and its Allies into Afghanistan fighting a lost war and are not finding a way out too. But its fallout is being faced in Pakistan and we seemed to be dragged deeper and deeper into it as days go by.

The recent shooting incident involving the 14 years old girl activist Malala Yousufzai is the latest blow to the future of education, specially of girls, in the terror struck areas of Pakistan. The militants, whose identity is yet to be known, have hit at a small girl who had nothing to do with the war on terror - she only wanted to educate herself and be something to help others and the community.

However, one thing that emerges out of this sad incident is that there seem to be a uniting of the voices of the masses to condemn the militants and the war of t(error). There seems to be a voice united among the entire society and the nation which is being converged into the Power of We - a platform is being readied to voice people's concern about the futility of the war which is taking a heavy toll of peace and stability of our country.

Today we need to stand up against the brutality being unleashed by the militants.
Today we need to know who these militants are and why their agenda is Pakistan specific.
Today we need to know why people of same religion are pitched against each other.
Today we need to exert our collective power to beat back the menace of militancy by supporting our army and all institutions involved in ridding us the menace of militancy.
Today, we need to voice out concern over the world's Dr Jackal and Mr Hyde like strategy towards Pakistan, which on one hands kills civilians and children while targeting militants and keep quiet, and on the other make hue and cry when children like Malala are hit.
Today we need to tell the world that all children who fall prey to this war are alike and ours, and we love them dearly and lament equally when they succumb to the war of terror.
Today we need to stand up and raise our voice against the drone attacks that kill innocent people, men, women and children, as a collateral damage to kill some low profile militants. 
Today we need to express our power into our resolve to rid out country of the militancy and provide schools and books to our children - and not dig graves for them when they fall prey to the drone attacks and the militancy.


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