Friday, October 12, 2012

Pragmatic Short Stories

Who has not read the story of a Thirst Crow or a Rabbit-Tortoise Race - well to my reckoning everyone has. We grew up listening and reading these and many such like stories right from our childhood.

But times have changed and it was 'very pleasing' to see someone out there adapting these stories to our current milieu and translating these to look like a part of the society we are living in. I came across these short stories as shared by a friend on Facebook and thought of sharing with my readers. Just read these two-three lined 'summed up' stories related to our present times of gun rattling, mugging, bomb explosions and floods.

Interesting, aren't these?

Well to me these are. But at the same time these reflect the society and times we are living in. It is just like cartoons of Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many such 'innocent' cartoons being replaced with awesome and complicated technology infested cartoons of the day.

I commend the person who very aptly re-wrote these stories to show us our true self rather than letting us clinging to the nostalgia of our childhood.

For those of my friends who do not understand Urdu, here is an English translation of the four stories listed above:


A Thirsty Crow: A thirst crow was flying in search of water. Suddenly it spotted a jug with water and some pebbles by its side. No sooner it came down to put pebbles in the jug, it was killed by the firing of some 'unidentified people'

A Greedy Dog: A dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher's shop. While it was looking its reflection in the water, it was swept away by the flood.

Rabbit and the Tortoise: Rabbit and the tortoise started the race. As the rabbit went to sleep, the tortoise stole rabbits mobile phone, wrist watch and valuable and absconded. Police has failed to arrest the tortoise.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp: No sooner did Aladdin rubbed the lamp, it exploded with a big bang. Aladdin along with four people died, beside injuring many. Al Qaeda has accepted the responsibility.


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