Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fantasy Frontiers of Jammu and Kashmir

Once new countries are born or trampled by warring armies, many problems sprout that have far reaching ramifications. Kashmir is one such area on the world map which has become a jumping pad of wars between India and Pakistan since the British left their Empire to two independently carved out states from the British India. 

Much has been written on the genesis of the problem, but the fact remains that there was a foul play when demarcating boundaries on the very night of the independence against the agreed upon formula between the British and the leaders of the Indian National Congress and Pakistan Muslim League.

Pakistan and India thus went to a war soon after the Independence as both countries justified their legal rights over the area of Jammu and Kashmir. The dispute is not restricted to Pakistan and India alone - China is yet another contender who claims a portion of the disputed territory as her own.

Jammu and Kashmir - the Fantasy Frontiers [ Map: The Economist ]

I recently came across an interesting article on the status and frontiers of Jammu and Kashmir as it is claimed by China, India and Pakistan. The interactive map shows the status and extent of claims by each country along with commentary on the disputed territory.

The post also throws light on the disputed territory of the Arunachal Pradesh, presently under Indian control, but largely claimed by China.

Read details / see interactive map: The Economist


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